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February 15th, 2013 by

Wedding planner Derbyshire



If you keep being distracted by a gorgeous new sparkling ring on your left hand, then CONGRATULATIONS!


Lots of couples get engaged over Christmas, New Year and, of course, Valentine’s Day. If you’re one of those people, look no further for some great tips and advice on planning your wedding. You may have never planned a wedding before – or even been to very many. Our wedding photographers have been to heaps of weddings and no two are ever the same. We work with a great cross-section of wedding suppliers in Derbyshire and can point you in the direction of many talented wedding experts.


Today, wedding planner Leah Lyons, from Your Wedding Angel, takes you through the first steps as a newly engaged couple.


“As a professional wedding planner, I get to see so many different couples at different stages.

If you can try and stick to even just a few of these points, or revisit them if you have already started planning, you will have a wedding that truly represents you both and a day to remember.


You have just got engaged – STOP take it all in, sit back and enjoy being engaged. So many couples (me included) get engaged and the very next day will go straight to the wedding magazine section or start googling endless wedding ideas,venues, dresses etc. Being engaged is such a precious time and for most couples is only for a short period of  time. So take at least two to six months to just enjoy this lovely time.


Getting started – it is so easy  to jump on the wedding bandwagon. My advice is to have a evening for maybe just the two of you orinvite close friends and family and really discuss your personalities and the things that are important to you as individuals and as a couple. This will give you a great focus for your wedding. Every couple of months look back on your notes and make sure that you are not veering off from this, which is so easily done.


Venues – choosing your dream ceremony and reception venue should be the first thing on your list. Once you have done this, you can go on to do all the other exciting jobs with the venue always in your mind.


Look and feel – now you have chosen your venue and have set a date you can decide on the look and feel of your wedding day. May be you want a particular colour in your wedding or, like so many brides now, you may want lots of colours. Winter weddings to summer weddings to marquee DIY weddings to vintage and 50s or 60s inspired weddings. The options are endless.


Dress – you have the venue , now the bride-to-be can choose the all-important dress. Visit no more than three bridal shops and always take someone that you trust with you. Remember to think about the feel of your venue when choosing your dress. Go with an open mind.


Suppliers – florists, stationery, entertainment for ceremony and venue, transport, food and drink, wedding photographer and videographer, hair and make-up, bridesmaids and groomsmen’s attire. Make sure you shop around and choose a supplier that you feel comfortable with. Referrals, testimonials and asking to see actual work of the supplier is a great way to ensure this. Don’t be scared to ask any questions that you may have and get a clear quote before proceeding.


Details – my favourite bit, you have all the main things in place, now it’s time to get creative and imaginative. Bringing your venue to life with maybe hanging lanterns or pom-poms or maybe adding that extra bit of sparkle to your tables. Maybe you want to personalize everyone’s favours or you want the fun of a photo booth or a sweetie table. Bring in elements of you and your life together so far, this is always a nice touch.


On the day co-ordination – a wedding planner to co-ordinate your day and take over  your last-minute plans two weeks before is a great little extra. You have so tirelessly planned your perfect day and want to see it look and feel just like you visualise it. A planner works for you and pays great attention to the couple’s needs and wants so that you can relax leading up to and on your very special day.


The day – My most important bit of advice. Sit back and enjoy your special day and remember why you are both there. Everything will fall into place. To take 10 to 20 minutes after the ceremony, just the two of you, is a tip I give to all my couples, you are going to be surrounded by happy family and friends who will all want a piece of you, so taking this special time will be memorable for you both.”